Mass Ordinaries

Score files, in Gregorian chant notation, for the Ordinaries of the Mass – the parts of the Mass which do not vary from day to day.  While the text remains constant, there are alternate musical settings for various parts of the Mass, which are used on different occasions.  The files are in PDF format for ease of downloading and printing. These are the scores used at this time by our choir.


Mass scores will normally contain various musical settings for the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, and the Ite Missa Est.


Sung near the beginning of Sunday Mass at the Aspersion before sung Mass on Sundays, when the Celebrant sprinkles the Altar, the Clergy, the Servers and the Choir and other faithful with holy water.  There are two variants, with different text, used at different times of the year.

  • Asperges Me – used on all Sundays other than during Eastertide
  • Vidi Aquam – replaces the Asperges Me during Eastertide, from Easter Sunday through to Pentecost Sunday



The PDF score files were produced using Ben Bloomfield’s GABC generator for propers.  More information about the GABC tools can be found at Gregorio Gregowiki.

The PDF file names will normally contain several parts, separated by hyphens

  1. Several letters identifying the Mass, Sprinkling or Credo
  2. Font size, in points
  3. Several letters specifying the components of the score, used for Masses only