Sacred Music

Music resources for Latin Mass congregations, for the use of choristers and others.

Chant Scores for Mass Propers

The scores are in Gregorian chant notation. The files are in PDF format for ease of downloading and printing.  The PDF score files were produced using Ben Bloomfield’s GABC generator for propers.  More information about the GABC tools can be found at Gregorio Gregowiki.

Videos and MP3 sound files demonstrating how to sing the propers can be found at Corpus Christi Watershed.

The propers generator tool can generate score files in a variety of font sizes, and can generate scores using Full Tone or Psalm Tone propers as desired.   However, the files provided here are those currently used by our choir.  They are usually in 12 point font size, and normally (with some exceptions) contain a mixture of Full Tone and Psalm Tone propers.  Most of the time (with some exceptions) the Introit and Communion are Full Tone; others propers are usually Psalm Tone.  The file name (see note below) provides more specific information about the propers contained in that file.

Scores are arranged according to the seasons of the Liturgical Year.  As this is an ongoing project, score files will be added as the year progresses.


Time After Pentecost

File Naming Conventions

The PDF score files follow a naming convention, which provides information about the contents and format of the propers contained in the file.  The file name consists of four parts, each separated by hyphens:

  1. Liturgical Calendar identifier, several letters specifying the Sunday or Feast day.
  2. Font size, in points.
  3. Propers Identifier: a series of letters showing which Proper scores are included in the file.  Upper case denotes a Full Tone proper, lower case denotes a Psalm Tone proper.  These may include:  Introit (I/i), Gradual (G/g), Alleluia (A/a), Tract (T/t), Sequence (S/s), Offertory (O/o), Communion (C/c) and Hymn (H/h).
  4. Propers Format: a code showing which type of Propers the score file contains:
    • FP: contains only Full Propers
    • PP: contains only Psalm Tone Propers
    • MP: contains a mixture of Full Propers and Psalm Tone Propers.  This is the most common format for our files

For example, the file PE-12-IaaSoC-MP-R2.pdf would be Pentecost Sunday, font size 12 points, containing scores for Introit (Full Tone), two Alleluias, Sequence (Full Tone), Offertory and Communion (Full Tone).  The extra R2 would indicate Revision 2, perhaps identifying a corrected version of the file.