Parish Groups

Parish Groups


Victoria Latin Mass Choir

At our Parish we are blessed to have a choir that is able to sing Gregorian Chant during Sunday Mass. Without a choir to sing we would not be able to have High Masses and of course our community and it’s visitors are ever grateful. We are always accepting new members to the choir. If you are interested in getting involved, please find  Mrs. Raeder or Mr. Stornebrink after Mass in the hall downstairs. If you would like to join but feel you can’t sing – we encourage you to talk to a member of the choir anyway. You are welcome to come to a few practices to learn more. If you are still too shy, we recommend practicing at home. There are numerous websites devoted to Gregorian Chant. Try singing along using Corpus Christi Watershed. Depending on the date, we typically use the following:

Mass I, Mass VIII, Mass IX, Mass XI and Mass XVII.


Latin Mass Altar Servers

We welcome all men and boys who have received their first communion to serve at the Altar during Mass. While some altar server roles require a large amount of responsibility, there are numerous roles that are well suited to the beginning server. We encourage any interested men to talk to Mr. McBride or Fr. Domotor after Mass. Ideally (but not necessary) one will have a general understanding of the order of the Mass and know the server’s responses in Latin.

This guide might be appear overwhelming to a beginner but we feel it strikes a good balance between conciseness and accuracy. See here for an alternate. We typically have a Sung High Mass on Sundays (without deacon) and Low Masses (with two servers) on other days of the week. Roles typically required during Sunday Mass in acsending order of difficulty are: Crucifer, Torch Bearer, Incense Bearer, Thurifer, Second Acolyte, First Acolyte, and MC.