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There are several reasons for our presence on the internet.. 

First, we want potential visitors to Victoria, looking for a Traditional Latin Mass in this city, to know that there is indeed one, the only one on Vancouver Island apart from another one in Nanaimo, celebrated on Sundays by a visiting SSPX priest. Our parish priest, Fr. John Domotor, is a Diocesan priest who also celebrates Novus Ordo Masses and, once a month, N.O. Mass in the  Hungarian language. In addition the parish hosts an Ordinariate community offering Masses on most days. The days and times of the Latin Masses are found on the left panel of this page. For a complete schedule of Masses during the current month we refer to the latest Newsletter under the tab NEWS. This information is also available in compressed form under the “Masses” tab.

The second reason is that we wish to share our substantial collection of Missalettes and Devotions with other Traditional Latin Mass communities. The production of these documents has taken us a considerable amount of time and we wish to spare others from having to go through the same effort.

The Missalettes and Devotions can be accessed by clicking on the menu tabs.

The Missalettes each cover a number of Sundays and some feast days. Together they span the entire liturgical calendar from Advent trough the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost, the last Sunday before Advent of the next liturgical calendar year. Other booklets cover feastdays of Our Lord and Our Lady. Each one of the Missalettes contains the Propers for the Masses and some Devotions. The Propers can vary somewhat for different locales and congregations, especially when it concerns  commemorations.                                                                                                                               

It should be noted that our documents are first written in Microsoft WORD format in which format they remain available, although not on our website. They have all been converted into the p.d.f. format for our website. From here they can easily be downloaded and copied by anyone. Most people are able to edit text in a WORD file but fewer have access to a p.d.f. editor. To request a copy of a document in WORD format please send an email to the following address, latinmassvictoria@outlook.com

Throughout these documents we attempt using sacral English wording. We use the British spelling, which is the official spelling in Canada, a Dominion of the British Kingdom. Unfortunately we thereby run the risk of annoying our southern neighbours. (spelled neighbors in the U.S.A.)


Finally, there are members of our own congregation who can benefit from these documents. Those unable to attend the Latin Mass due to age or illness can print a copy and watch a Traditional Latin Mass at home on TV or internet. Failing watching Sunday Mass being celebrated in real time, the other options are to to follow a pre-recorded Latin Mass and make a spiritual communion which is found in most Missalettes.